Cocar is an assymetrical multiplayer game where one player drives a car in VR while one or more players construct the roadway in front of the car using small roadblocks that is placed on an interactive surface. The goal of the game is for the driver to reach the finish line as fast as possible with the help of their codriver(s) that serve as both map readers and map makers. This project was developed during the course Advanced Graphics and interactions at KTH by a team of six students.

My role was in 3D printing and fiducial optimization, 3D modeling of the car and environment, level design, and particle effect design. The project has served as a demo in the VIC visualization studio at KTH and has been displayed at several events including the ComicCon/Gamex show in Kista, C Awards in Norrköping and the VR scientific festival at KTH.

Winner at the C Awards Student competition 2017.

View the project website at here or watch a short video here.